Will Hit the Market This Winter!

Snowbot S1 Pro is the autonomous snowblower that will remove snow from your driveway, yard, and sidewalks. You will never have to shovel again. Just enjoy the winter and stay inside where it's warm with your family and friends. Enjoy the snowy morning or stay 30 more minutes in bed instead of having to go outside to remove snow in order to go to work or take your kid to school. Say NO to cold weather and burdensome snow removal work!

Simple and Safe


A Revolutionary Method — Removing Snow with Several Taps

Send instructions through Snowbot App/remote controller instead of going outside in winter. S1 Pro will do all the snow cleaning for you.

You can use the APP to:

  • Start or Stop Snowbot
  • Set Multiple Snow Cleaning Plans
  • Customize Your Snow Cleaning Areas
  • Set Snow Throwing Direction
  • Monitor Its Work Status Anytime, Anywhere


  • The safety system keeps you and the others safe!
Automatic Obstacle Avoidance
Emergency Stop
Security Warning Lights
Buzzer Alarm
  • Anti-slip tracks — ensure the machine runs safely and does not damage the ground.
  • Anti-theft system protects your robot from being stolen!

Powerful and Perfect

Efficient & Powerful

Rotating Chute
Self Charging
Light/Dry/Wet/Packed Snow
Throwing Distance: 20'
Snow Cleaning Capacity: 10'' 1500sq'
Polygons, Customized Circles, or Other Shapes

Accurate & Perfect

  • Autonomous Navigation & Accurate Positioning

    With advanced algorithms and high technologies, Snowbot achieves autonomous navigation and centimeter-grade accuracy in positioning.
  • Intelligent Route Planning

    Snowbot is able to intelligently plan its cleaning path. After the cleaning area is decided, it will remove the snow by maintaining the route and selected area. The unique positioning algorithm keeps it staying on course while working.
  • Set Multiple Snow Cleaning Plans

    If you need to remove snow in different areas, or areas with weird shapes, you can set different cleaning plans to complete the snow removal. By connecting Snowbot with its mobile app, you can easily set different cleaning plans according to your preferences.

A New Definition of Snow Removal

With Snowbot, you never have to go outside to remove the snow.

Staying indoors during winter, sitting by the fire, drinking tea or coffee, and watching TV…In addition to warmth and comfort, you will also have more free time!!!

Docking Station

Delicate Accessory——

Self Charging at Low Battery

Let It
Take Care of
You and People You Love


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  • Delivery Winter 2022
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Hassle-Free Customer Service