The beta tester application has ended due to our limited stock. 

How to Become a Qualified Tester

With Love

Step 1: Make sure you are enthusiastic about automated equipment.

Testing Required

Step 2: Make sure you are willing to provide us with the testing data.

Let Us Know You

Step 3: Fill out the survey so that we may know you better.

Waiting for Review

Step 4: After we received your request, we will review it and notify you if it is approved. 


Step 5: Pay the cost.

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Step 6: All done. Just be patient to wait for your Snowbot.

Step 1: Testing Required

Make sure you are willing to provide us with the feedback (testing data).

Step 2: Fill Out the Survey

>> Click here to fill out the survey so that we may know you better.

Step 3: Waiting for Review

 We will notify you via e-mail if you are selected. Please check your message inbox and spam folder carefully.

Step 4: Pay the cost

To continue our project and help more people around the world, we need your help and support.

Application Form

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Please make sure you have filled the survey first.

Meet Snowbot S1

Keep your driveway snow free all winter.

Snowbot S1 is an autonomous snow blower.
It is the world's first residential snowblower robot in the market.

Snowbot Advantages

 Always keep you staying ahead of snow accumulation.

No more yearly snow removal services fee.

Nore more gasoline fee and engine oil maintenance.

No more back-breaking shoveling.

No more going outside multiple times only to see your hard work covered with new snow.

More time for doing things you love.

Snowbot S1 Key Features

Intelligent Route Plan

With the autonomous navigation system and advanced positioning algorithm, it is able to plan cleaning path on its own.

Mobile App Monitoring

Mobile app is where you can fully control the Snowbot. Stay informed with how Snowbot is working.

99% Snow Clearance

Hard scraper and cleaning brush make it possible to clear more than 99% of the snow in the selected area.

12 Inches Intake Height

It can remove a max height of 12 inches snow in case the snow is accumulated.

360° Rotatable Chute

360° rotatable chute makes a fully flexible snow throwing, also makes sure the snow being thrown to a specified snow pile.

Remote Controll

Controlling Snowbot with joystick is just like playing games. Snowbot does what you let it do.

Safe  and Secure

Automatic obstacle avoidance, buzzing alarm, warning lights, and emergency stop button are designed to make sure a secure snow removal.

Less Maintenance

Snowbot is powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery, so you don't need to pay for expensive gasoline from a far gas station.

Battery Powered, Environmentally Friendly

Powered by battery, Snowbot cause neither emissions nor pollution. Be environmental, use Snowbot.

 Testing data includes, without limitation: 
 > The problems you found when using Snowbot. 
 > Your advices for a better Snowbot. 
 > Videos and photos captured when Snowbot is working.

If you think you are qualified, please feel free to drop us a message. Please note that, to become a tester, you need to pay a cost which hardly covers the manufacturing and delivery cost of Snowbot S1. As a thank you, we promise to send you the upgrade version for FREE in winter 2022.

Your feedback is quite important for us to refine the upgrade product.