Snowbot, the world's first autonomous snowblower robot for residential use, is independently designed and developed by Hanyang Technology Co., Ltd., a global innovative technology company that provides yard maintenance products. We have a high-quality talent team, focusing on the R&D of yard work robots.

What Makes Us Different?


Are you still bothered by the deep snow that piled up in every cold and long-lasting winter? Are you too tired of manual snow removal, and want to free your hands? Are you busy with work and have no time for chores? Or, it's too cold outside in winter but you still have to go out to remove snow?
Let the autonomous snow-clearing robot help you! Snow is easy to remove with just fingers! You never need to suffer from the cold and tiredness anymore.

Automatic Obstacle Detection & Avoidance

Millimeter-wave radar and a real-time camera tend to be adopted together to make Snowbot improve its accuracy in obstacle detection. It can sense obstacles accurately within 2 meters ahead and prevent collisions. It reroutes for a detour to avoid crashing into obstacles. Yellow warning lights and buzzers are also used to warn anyone moving around from approaching.


The adoption of RTK-GPS and a secondary electromagnetic induction locating
system make it possible to locate Snowbot in real-time and ensure it can always find the docking station at a low battery. Thus, Snowbot can work continuously day and night to avoid snow accumulation and keep the way clean all the time.

Autonomous Navigation & Accurate Positioning

RTK-GPS technology improves the positioning accuracy of Snowbot to centimeter-level.

Because of RTK-GPS, Snowbot can know exactly where it is and achieve effective mapping. Combined with our advanced path planning algorithm, it is able to clean the snow in designated areas according to the cleaning plan.

You can also customize areas according to your preferences.

Powerful Battery, Zero Emission

Snowbot is powered by lithium-ion batteries. Thus, it is environmentally-friendly, and does not produce any harmful emission that is caused by burning gasoline or diesel.

Technology Achievements

We have achieved 1 international PCT, 3 national invention patents, and 20 more patents and software copyrights.
Our Beta Test Version product — Snowbot S1 has been certificated with CE and FCC.