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  • It's negative 20 here in Minneapolis, so it's really tough to go out to shovel the snow. That's where I believe Snowbot comes in handy. It does pretty good job once you set up the beacon poles and draw the plan. The best part I like it is it has cleaned one foot of snow that is around 12 inches.

  • This autonomous snowblower is fantastic. You can see it working all by itself, which is very cool. I've been shoveling snow for 8 years after I moved to Minnesota. Snowbot is much better so that I can be inside and let the bot do my job.

  • We get some little snow and some lots of snow at times. I can't go out, and shovel it myself. I usually have to hire someone to clean the snow. I am very impressed with Snowbot that it can autonomously clean my yard and driveway.

  • I have a long driveway, and had a long time cleaning this driveway by either shoveling, snowblower, or hiring a snow removal agency. I found that Snowbot is really convenient and solved a lot of my problems. Being able to get out when I needed it to. I think it's a really innovative product. 

  • I found you guys about a year ago, just looking on the internet for a robotics snowblower, and I found your company come up. It's been following you for about a year and finally put my order. I can't wait to get my hands on my actual version. So far I am impressed with how clean and close cut it takes snow off. So really cool.

  • It's impressive, it looks as advertised. I'm excited to get my own hands on it. I love the control ability of it. It got tested here, it's like minus 10. We got a foot plus of snow and it did really well.

  • Before using Snowbot, I used gas snowblower to clean my driveway. However, it was always a hard job because I have to get up early in the morning, and need a lot of gas to start the machine. Snowbot can do snow cleaning autonomously so it’s finally possible for me to do what I want to do.

  • It is a kind of amazing. It's the first time I've been able to deal with snow on the property from a distance inside where I am warm. We have a lot of snowblowers here I am used to them but one of the things that struck me is that using snowblower is not a simple process. You guys did a great job.

  • I hired someone to remove the snow in the past but they usually came late, or they came the day after, or they didn't do a job that was adequate. When I got Snowbot out, I was so excited because it's a kind of easier way for me to deal with winter. When I tested it out, I couldn't believe how easily it went through at least 6 inches of the snow.