Welcome to the New Era of Snow Blower

Snowbot S1 is the world's first autonomous snowblower robot for home use. It is ready to help you keep your driveway, yard, and sidewalk snow free day and night. Let’s explore how this amazing snowblower robot works by the video.

Snowbot Makes Snow Removal




Simple to Setup and Manage

Simple 3 steps to install Snowbot and monitor the work anytime.

 > Stick 3 beacons.
> Connect your phone or remote controller with Snowbot.
> Snowbot starts working.

 That's it! Snow removal is no more a pain.

Safe and Secure

Snowbot has a complete security system that can make it a safe robot.

 > Lidar technology is used for automatic obstacle detection.
> Buzzing alarms are designed to notify you of potential danger when obstacles get close to the robot.
> Emergency stop button is built for an immediate stop of the working robot.


Snowbot is a fully autonomous snow plow robot so that you don't need to go outside to get snow removed. Let it clean the driveway before you get to work or take kids to school in the morning. Just Enjoy your relaxing morning and delicious breakfast.

Enjoy the Time with Your Family and Friends

Let Snowbot do the snow removal work

Snowbot App

One app for all control. Keep an eye on how the snow removal work is done anytime, anywhere.

Remote Controller

Snow removing is just like a game. Use the joystick to clean snow wherever you want especially the tough spot.

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