The World's First Autonomous Snowblower

Snowbot is the world's first autonomous snowblower for residential use, which removes snow from driveways, yards, and sidewalks, leading people living in high-latitude areas to an easier life in cold winters. It has been under development since 2017 by the Snowbot team; after several years of development, product tests, and iterations, Snowbot S1 - the beta test version, was launched in 2021. Snowbot was well-received by beta testers because it frees people from the pain of shoveling and gives them a snow-free winter.

Snowbot S1

After that, Yarbo took the place of Snowbot S1 Pro to hit the market in 2022. Yarbo is the world's first multi-purpose yard care robot which is more user-friendly and functional than Snowbot. Combining the universal body and the snow blower module, it becomes Yarbo Snow Blower S1, a brand-new version of the snow-removing robot.

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