Introducing Yarbo

The Revolutionary Smart Yard Care Robot

Yarbo is a game-changing yard care robot that has revolutionized yard maintenance for homeowners. Building upon the success of Snowbot S1 since 2017, Yarbo Snow Blower is a versatile and powerful snow-removing robot that can handle the toughest winter conditions with ease, taking snow-clearing to new heights. With enhanced functionality and user-friendliness, Yarbo surpasses its predecessor in every way.

Let's join Yarbo's Journey

Yarbo is not just a snowblower, but a smart and versatile yard care robot designed to make maintaining your yard a breeze all year round. With its interchangeable modules for snow removal, lawn mowing, and leaves blowing, Yarbo eliminates the need for multiple equipment, saving you time and effort. It's the ultimate solution for easy, efficient, and safe yard maintenance.