Alternatives to Gas-powered Snow Blowers to Meet the Challenge of Being Banned

Alternatives to Gas-powered Snow Blowers to Meet the Challenge of Being Banned

You may have heard the news that California law will ban the sale of new gas-powered equipment. It includes lawn and yard equipment such as leaf blowers, lawn mowers, chain saws, and weed trimmers, snow blowers, etc., generators, and other off-road equipment that results in climate-changing emissions.

40th governor of California Gavin Newsom has signed into law a ban on new yard tools with small internal combustion engines. The California Air Resources Board has already started working on a rule to implement this. A lengthy process is expected to be completed next year. But the law Newsom signed removes any doubt, ordering the agency to apply the new rule by Jan 1, 2024.

Gas-powered Equipment’s Emission Is Bad for the Environment

The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that one hour operating a lawnmower is the equivalent of 11 hours driving a modern car. The environment is currently a big concern all over the world and if you are contributing to emitting pollution in any way that could have been avoided, you must find a solution right away. 

Thom Carter, the executive director of Utah clean air once said, “Instead of using a gas-powered snowblower, look to switch to an electric-powered snowblower." According to Carter “During an average winter season, someone uses their snow blower about 8 hours. The equivalent vehicle miles traveled for that, is 2700 miles. That’s like driving from Los Angeles to Miami. It’s a lot of miles; if we can remove those out of our air shed, we’re doing good work.” 

Common Snow Removal Ways

You may have several snow removal ways in winter, such as, using de-icer products, pouring hot water on snow, installing a snow melting system where a heated area is created, manually removing snow with shovel, and using a snow blower machine.

The ways without using gas-powered machine is relatively environmentally friendly. But taking efficiency into account, using a snow plow machine is better. If we keep environmental concerns aside, manually removing snow or shoveling snow can cause injuries and even death. The Washingtonpost reported that snow shoveling results in about 11,500 injuries — including 100 fatalities.

So is there a way that is environmentally friendly, efficient, and safe? The answer is absolutely YES. The expert's advice is to move from gas snowblowers to an electric ones.

Introduce the Snow Blower Robot

Except the snow plowing ways briefly introduced above, here comes the best choice till now you can make - Snowbot S1, the world’s first snow blower robot for family which is battery powered and loaded with advanced technology like AI and autonomous capabilities.

Key Features of Snowbot S1

  • Totally autonomous and hands-free snow removal. It is designed to be operated from a mobile app or remote controller.
  • Autonomous navigation with centimeter-level positioning accuracy.
  • Intelligently plan snow sweeping route in selected area.
  • Remove snow up to 12 inches height.
  • Battery powered. Powerful and no emissions.
  • Clear more than 99% of the snow in selected area.
  • Safe and efficient. Work without complaints.
  • Give you more time to do the things you love.

If you have decided to give up the shovel and all the manual work you need to do every winter season, please don’t hesitate to get a Snowbot. Snowbot S1 is now available and ready to roll on yards and driveways to free you from the hassle of shoveling or manual plowing.

Apart from that, if you order Snowbot S1 this year, you will get a new Snowbot S1 Pro, the upgrade of Snowbot S1 with more new and perfect features, next year ( winter, 2022). But the stock is limited, only 70 pieces available by now (Oct. 25th, 2021). Please be hurry.

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