How Shoveling Snow Affects Your Health and Causes Pain

How Shoveling Snow Affects Your Health and Causes Pain

How do our bodies change while shoveling snow? Is shoveling snow a form of exercise? Can everyone do snow removal work? It is time to know more about shoveling snow.

How Do Our Body Change While Shoveling Snow?

Shoveling the snow incorrectly can be life-threatening. Based on the research of Dibella Chiropractic Center, lifting heavy snow on the arm inappropriately will cause much strain to the back and take much energy away.

Also, high-intensity exercises will cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. With the increment of heat dissipation and inhalation of cold air, some people will feel uncomfortable and those feelings may be due to the cardiovascular and heart disease, which is a hazardous signal from our bodies. Usually, it is not an option for the elderly or people with heart disease to remove the snow by themselves.

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Is Shoveling Snow a Form of Exercise?

Snow removal can be considered an intense aerobic activity, which is a good exercise when the weather is favourable and with appropriate methods. However, most of the time when people are removing the snow, neither condition is satisfied.

The temperature while shoveling snow is usually around 0 degrees Celsius. When working in such a low-temperature environment, our bodies are warming and sweating but the frigid weather makes us feel cold at the same time.

With the increased metabolic ratio and respiratory discomfort, having a cold can only be considered as the slightest symptom. Also, with intense physical exercise, breathing with the nose does not meet the oxygen demand. People usually breathe using their mouth, inhaling cold air that directly stimulates the throat and may cause respiratory infections, sore throats and coughs.

Putting excessive weight on our arms due to the large amount of snow can lead to an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. When the weather is extremely cold, you are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease such as fatal MI. Furthermore, an unreasonable amount of weight will cause muscle strain of the arm.

Can Everyone Do Snow Removal Work?

According to the research on Winter Heart Health by MetroHealth, individuals that should avoid snow removal work are:
● People with a prior heart attack
● People with heart disease
● People with high blood pressure or high cholesterol
● Smokers
● People with a sedentary lifestyle

How to Avoid the Health Hazard Caused by Shoveling Snow?

If you are at risk during removing snow or you do not want to take the risk, is there a way to save you? The answer is yes since snow blower robot Snowbot is available now.

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Snowbot is an autonomous snow blower machine that can do snow removal work all on itself. Without cold outdoor activities and heavy work, all you need to do is stay at home and relax. It can provide you with the most enjoyable, and hands-free snow removal experience.


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