Meet Snowbot, a Smart Snow Removal Robot

Meet Snowbot, a Smart Snow Removal Robot

With the rapid growth and development in economy and technology, many repetitive jobs such as cashiers, manufacturers are being replaced by robots. However, the repetitive and boring job of snow removal still needs to be performed by people. People have to go out in the cold and early mornings to remove the snow. Surrounded by harmful gas emitted by traditional manual oil or gas snow removal machines, snow removal work leaves people exhausted. Furthermore, for the elderly who live alone, it is life-threatening to do such work in the cold early morning. Although there are many negative effects in residents, local regulations in some areas stipulated time limits for shovelling snow to avoid being called lazy.

Where there is a problem, there is also a solution! Snowbot, an intelligent snow removal robot, designed by Hanyang Robotics, Inc. is on the way to solve your problem. 

The main function of this intelligent Snowbot is to complete snow removal work automatically. It is a family-service smart snow sweeping robot that is customized for families with snow removal needs, mainly for some countries in Europe, America and Japan. Those countries and regions contain many snow-covered areas and it is normal for people to have at least one motor vehicle. In these situations, the snow on the garage doorway and public area may need to be removed manually. With the Snowbot, they can get the best and most comfortable way of removing snow compared to traditional snow removal machines.

Interested in finding out more? More information about the amazing Snowbot is on our Facebook page!

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