Top 6 Tips to Remove Snow From Your Driveway

Top 6 Tips to Remove Snow From Your Driveway

It's a magical feeling while watching the snowfall, but cleaning it after a snowstorm is not a happy task. Snow/ice removal is one of the biggest hassles in winter, especially for the people living in northern climes. 

People use conventional ways to remove snow from driveways or yards, or hire professionals to handle everything for them. But things can be easier if you find a better way to do it. This principle also applies to handle snow in winter.  Here we discuss some tips that can make snow removal tasks easier.

Tip 1: Salting Before Snowfall

Most of the people use salt on their driveway after it snows, not before. Because people don't want to depend on the snowfall predictions that sometimes don't come true. If you put salt on your driveway before it snows, melting will begin right at the moment of snowfall. This is because when snow falls on your driveway, the salt underneath will start to melt it.

Putting salt on the driveway before snowfall has two main benefits:

  • One is that salt will start melting ice immediately while snowfall.
  • The otheris salt will form a barrier between the snow and your driveway so that it will be easier for you to remove snow with a shovel easily.

Tip 2: Using Leaf Blower

It doesn't mean you can put aside your leafblower until the next season just because all the leaves are gone from your yard. Your leaf blower can be a perfect tool to clear out light and fluffy snow easily. If you didn’t try before, don’t hesitate to have a try.

Tip 3: Clean Snow Before It Builds Up

It will be much easier if you clean the snow before it builds up a big pile and forms into ice. Always clean the fresh pile of the snow instead of waiting for the snow stops falling if possible. Cleaning the snow again and again will make things easier for you. The more snowfall, the heavier it gets. So, cleaning snow before it builds up can be a good option to consider.

Tip 4: Shoveling with Caution

Shoveling is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a snow pile on your driveway. But shoveling snow is harder than you think at first. Heavy snow can be dangerous to lift especially if you or any of your family members are aging. Follow the tips below to reduce the pain when shoveling snow.

  • Bend your knees and try to keep the shovel as close as possible.
  • If you twist again and again to move the snow, that will put so much stress on your back. So, turn your whole body to move the snow to the other side.
  • Avoid digging to the ground on the first try while shoveling. Try to get a few inches deep at a time so that the weight of snow does not cause you any danger.
  • You can push the snow rather than lift it. Use a smaller shovel instead of the big one to lift the lighter load. Take frequent breaks while shoveling, get warm, and stay hydrated.

Tip 5: Snow Melting Mats

Snow melting mats can be another snow removal method for personal properties. Plug the outdoor mat into any 120 V or 240 V outlet, then it will heat and clear the snow for you. These snow-melting mats can save you from the burden of cleaning your driveway during snowstorms.

Tip 6: Invest in a Smart Solution - Snowbot

A great solution to remove the snow this year can be a snow cleaning robot, Snowbot. It is able to clean snow from your driveway automatically without any hassle. It's a safe and environmentally friendly robot. Can throw snow 5 meters away in any direction. Older people can also use the robot without going out in the cold weather. Using your mobile app to let Snowbot do the snow removal work all on itself, or using the joystick to control Snowbot to clean any shapes and sizes of driveways.

The one that is available on the market is called Snowbot S1, a beta testing version this year. You can join the beta testing program if qualified. If you are approved to test Snowbot S1, you will get a FREE Snowbot S1 Pro next winter.

Snowbot S1 Pro is the upgrade version of Snowbot S1, features auto-charging (optional), bigger battery, and more improvements based on the feedback of Snowbot S1.

Investing in a smart snowblower robot can be a great decision because robot like Snowbot is evolving to make life easier and do heavy task for human.     

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